Village Retreat
Welcome to Therapeutic Massage!!!

Whether you are looking to treat yourself,
or a friend or loved one there is Village Retreat
just the perfect place for you. Our retreat
is ideally located in the heart of a beautiful
Village of Great Falls.

Our mission is to help you experience relaxation, restore your mind
and body with warm touch of our therapists. We try to help as much
 clients as possible even the young ones, target and resolve there
problems in definitely and the same time make the massage
affordable for everyone.
We have  successfully  created  warm, quite, safe and professional
place just for you.

All of our practitioners are nationally certified and highly skilled
professionals that are here to promote your individual journey to
your wellness.

So don't wait any longer!!! We are inviting you to come to relax,
realign, rejuvenate and achieve a balanced lifestyle....

We are also offering special packages, the same day appointments are

Thank you,