Generally during massage you are nude underneath a towel or
sheet. The therapist uncovers only the part of the body he/she is
working on, a technique called
You can keep your underwear during massage and many
newcomers do.

Please, feel free to state your preference for pressure during a
massage. It can range from light to firm. Massage usually includes
some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension. If you want
more intense work and firmer pressure, get a sport or deep tissue

Going for a massage requires little in the way of preparation.
Generally, one should be clean and should not eat just before a
massage. One should not be under the influence of alcohol or
non-medicinal drugs.

Arriving time
If you are a first time client please make sure, that you arrive at
least 15 minutes before your appointment to fill your health
information. If you are a returning client 10 minutes before your
regular massage is always a  good  idea.
If you are rushing and arrive stressed, it will take longer to get
into a relax state.
In all cases, please be on time and give yourself enough time to

After massage
Take a few minutes to relax. Drink plenty of water the same day
and the day after to flush the toxins out of your body. Don't be
surprise that you can be more thirsty than usual.
Relax in general!!!
What to expect????